Gardening & Ecology

  • IMAGE: Students planting in garden.  IMAGE: Students planting in garden. The garden has become a popular place with our students.  We believe that students thrive in a balance between navigating Chromebooks as well as getting their hands dirty in the garden.  Through gardening & ecology at Coyote Trail, we are able to show students how to best use technology to care for and harvest produce during the varying seasons.   

    Our garden is host to carrots, radishes, and scallions planted in the raised garden beds at the front gate and wildflowers in the tortoise habitat to attract pollinators.

    Effecting and teaching all grade-levels, the garden began with our fourth-grade students in 2019. Their classrooms got the ball rolling and we are grateful to the parents and staff who truly "planted a seed" within this group of students to start us on this journey.